[in english] Darkness

Autorem wiersza jest Cyprian Kamil Norwid

He who deprecates the darkness of my words,
Has he ever lit a candle on his own?
His servant brought it for him to the room,
His motives known only to himself alone.

The wick, ignited by the spark, at once illumines,
The pouring wax converges at the base,
The brightness of the star slowly supines,
A deep radiant blue and paleness.

Already you think it`s petered out down there,
The heated liquid will engulf everything,
Sparks and ashes can`t offset despair,
You gave faith, look how its glowing.

Indeed there are resemblances, and my songs, oh sir,
You who begrudge them their meager moments,
Infuse these coldened days with warm air.
The flame flickers selflessly benevolent.

Introduction and translation by Barry Keane.

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