Cue The Balls - Keith Wilson

Autorem wiersza jest Inny

Oh my love`s like a red, red ....... red
that`s newly stung from the baulk
with miscued dreams of paradise lost
my cue devoid of chalk
as fair art thou, I shall return
to embrace those hallowed halls
and with one foot firmly on the floor
I`ll have those coloured balls

But there`s things to attend to
behind the scenes
if you really want a sporting chance
to realise your dreams
you want stamina and strength
the perfect technique
a piston-like action
with a ruthless streak
tighten your defences
sharpen your attack
get out of the red
and into the black
kiss the mellow yellow
while you`re stinging the blues
pocket brownie points
get in the pink and in the news
and take the healthy lifestyle
strict dietary regimes
a sallow complexion?
not enough greens

If you want to be taken seriously
you`ve got to look the part
get yourself a waistcoat
look dead smart
and a pair of those kecks
with the tram lines up the side
a slim-fit shirt
get your neck bow-tied
the shiney shoes
sensible and steady
hope you`re not looking
like your mum got you ready
then up to the table
to do what you do
sipping iced water
and polishing your cue

So I`ll hurtle up the rankings
you won`t even clock it
the long-range potting forecast saying
the Rocket`s in my pocket
along with the Whirlwind
and those two blokes from Wales
Hendry, Ebdon and Doherty
off the cushion, off the rails
and Higgins, Perry, Hunter and Lee
they`ll all be out the game
with Interesting and Parrot
not even in the frame

And in the raked seating
as they calculate the score
a stifled cough is frowned upon
you`re not allowed to snore
`cos silence is golden
it serves to enable
the Harry Potter potters
work their magic on the table
working out the angles
the extra dimension
it all adds flavour
to the drama and the tension

table turning
in-off steely nerves
off the cushion, off the rails
stuns and spins
and swerves
of mice and men
and those little scribbles
on the screen
with the magic pen
for the safety shots
and parting shots
the cue for position
trick shots
and long pots
almost exhibition
and lightening strikes
maximum break
the plant
and the kiss
that costly mistake

So let us go then you and I
to that great table in the sky
of restless nights in smoke-filled halls
and chalk our cues and pot some balls

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