[english] Lament

Autorem wiersza jest Tadeusz Różewicz

I turn to you high priests
teachers judges artists
shoemakers physicians officials
and to you my father
Hear me out.

I am not young
let the slenderness of my body
not deceive you
nor the tender whiteness of my neck
nor the fairness of my open brow
nor the down on my sweet lip
nor the cherubic laughter
nor the spring in my step

I am not young
let my innocence
not move you
nor my purity
nor my weakness
fragility and simplicity

I am twenty years old
I am a murderer
I am an instrument
blind as the axe
in the hands of the executioner
I struck a man dead
and with red fingers
stroked the white breasts of women.

Maimed I saw
neither heaven nor rose
nor bird nest tree
St. Francis
Achilles nor Hector
For six years
blood gushed streaming from my nostrils
I do not believe in the changing of water into wine
I do not believe in the remission of sins
I do not believe in the resurrection of the body.

trans. by Magnus J. Krynski and Robert A. Maguire

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