Cassidy`s Epitaph

Autorem utworu jest Andrew Barton Banjo Paterson

Here lies a bloke who`s just gone West,
A Number One Australian;
He took his gun and did his best
To mitigate the alien.
So long as he could get to work
He needed no sagacity;
A German, Austrian, or Turk,
Were all the same to Cassidy.
Wherever he could raise "the stuff"
-- A liquor deleterious --
The question when he`d have enough
Was apt to be mysterious.
`Twould worry prudent folks a lot
Through mental incapacity;
If he could keep it down or not,
Was all the same to Cassidy.

And when the boys would start a dance,
In honour of Terpsichore,
`Twas just an even-money chance
You`d find him rather shickery.
But once he struck his proper stride,
And heard the band`s vivacity,
The jazz, the tango, or the slide
Was all the same to Cassidy.

And now he`s gone to face the Light,
With all it may reveal to him,
A life without a drink or fight
Perhaps may not appeal to him;
But when St Peter calls the roll
Of men of proved tenacity,
You`ll find the front-rank right-hand man
Will answer; "Here . . . Cassidy."